Exploring Relationship Endings


Just a Few Dates

Two people who find each other physically attractive may decide to date, and the first and second dates can be a wonderful time of getting to know each other. Their interests might tie them together, or they could have similar backgrounds. Each time they meet for coffee, a meal, or an evening out, their attraction could grow. Just a few dates into their budding relationship could show cracks in the facade as they learn more about each other.

Almost any type of social interaction between two people involves emotions, and they should not be classified as good or bad. Their existence shows a connection, but it is not necessarily one that is meant to last. When two people begin dating, the idea of spending time together is to get to know what the other person is like past their physical attributes. That knowledge could be helpful or harmful depending upon what is discovered.

It may seem that breaking off the budding relationship early should hold few emotional associations, and that may be true for one person. The other one could find they are deeply hurt because they felt a true connection. They could have already been planning a wonderful future for the rest of their lives, yet they have been rejected. It may appear they were more involved with the other person, but their dreams could have been fantasies of what a perfect future could be.

Feelings often develop over time, so breaking off a relationship that does not work should be done as soon as reality hits. Those wise enough to see and act will often save both people from a growing attachment that will eventually have to be severed. Wisdom is not always in the knowing, but it is always demonstrated by action of the person willing to break it off before it does permanent damage.