Exploring Relationship Endings


Blindsided by a Partner

Couples often relax together as the years of their relationship accumulate, and they may feel very secure with their partner. Their daily interactions could be harmonious, and one person might see nothing wrong at all. It can be a painful realization when they are blindsided by a partner who has found someone else. As the relationship ends, the emotional turmoil of the unsuspecting partner can turn a difficult situation into a chaotic tragedy that both may find has ruined any memory of their former happiness.

Communication between two people in a long term relationship is important, and there are several different ways breakdowns can occur. One person may be unhappy, but they would prefer not to let their partner know what is happening. Instead of speaking out about what they do not like in the relationship, they choose to simply resent it. It may drive them to seek happiness with someone else behind their partner’s back.

On the other side of the coin, there are people in a relationship who refuse to hear about the unhappiness of their partner. Listening might force them to make changes or accommodations, and they are not willing to do it. While they might feel completely blindsided when the relationship ends, the other person may have simply given up trying to get through to them. It does not excuse seeking happiness outside of the relationship while the two are still together.

Ending a long term relationship has emotional consequences, and they can devastate entire families. Even separating property and making the legal arrangements can cause chaos. For those who find they have been blindsided, choosing to seek professional help could be their best course of action.