Exploring Relationship Endings


Avoiding a Former Partner

Relationship endings are often painful, and both partners may experience grief over what might have been in different circumstances. Constantly running into each other could be an issue for them, so avoiding a former partner might become a new habit. The couple who had been together for a fairly long time before deciding it would not work usually know the habits of each other. Ensuring they do not have to see each other could take time and effort, but both of them might feel it is worthwhile.

Knowing a former partner prefers a particular coffee shop means finding a new one. This alone could be a painful reminder that the relationship did not work out, but forming new habits can help ease the pain. Meeting new people or getting to know the staff at a different shop is a distraction. It can take some of the sting out of feeling awkward when making this type of accommodation.

Many couples spend time at favourite eateries, or they could have a particular local park where they like to walk. All of these may be places two people want to avoid. By leaving their favourite areas as a couple in the past, they are often hoping to bury the memories of being with each other. It works for some, but others could find it does nothing more than eat at them as they remember why they need to go somewhere new.

Changing habits for any reason is often a time when people feel awkward, and doing it to avoid a former partner can add one more level of emotional pain to the situation. Once a person has gone down the road, they may begin to feel relief as their new choices begin to form into regular habits. While it is not always easy at first, it can be a good way to establish a new lifestyle where they may eventually find a relationship that works.